Perks of Working

Jazz is leading the digital thought leadership and continuing its evolution from a telecom organization to a digital services provider. We are leading this transformation inside out, by changing the way we work. Our digital ways of work include interfaces and platforms which deliver agility and enhanced user experience. Our employees can put up requests and get information on Jazz from the People Hub portal and People App, an internal one-stop-shop solution for employee-facing requests. Our employees can now log their performance on a radical, new platform called Elevate. Elevate is a disruptive platform that is aimed at enabling dynamic, empowering, and data-driven performance conversations within the organization. Focusing on employee wellness and flexibility,

Jazz Flex program has been launched to allow working remotely for one day in a week. Digital platforms like Workplace by Facebook allow employees to keep in touch and stay informed about the latest organizational news. Jazz is an equal opportunity employer, ensuring to create policies and frameworks which are inclusive, transparent, and fair for all. Delivering on work-life balance, we provide maternity leaves (up to 4 months), paternity leaves (up to 10 days), and minority leaves. Employees get to avail of daycare allowance for their children. Facilities like female pick and drop allow convenience and safety.

At Jazz, wellness is central to ensuring productive, energized employees who relentlessly help achieve organizational goals and focus on personal development as well. A significant focus is placed on the learning and development of our people through programs like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera programs, in-house platforms like Reboot, and various leadership-focused modules. A vast array of competitive benefits include but are not limited to health and life insurances, car and fuel allowances, handset and device allowances, airtime allowance, and provident fund contribution. Programs like Jazz Fit introduce a holistic employee wellness program, rooted in the SEMP model: social, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. State-of-the-art gym facilities exist at major office locations, to allow employees to focus on their well-being. Cafés and discounted dining services at most office locations provide inclusion and a sense of community.

Values & Culture

At Jazz, our way of work is governed by five core values: Collaborative, Customer Obsessed, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, and Truthful. These values are consistent across all operating companies of VEON and provide a consistent framework to guide through the day to day interactions and dealings.

Compliant behavior and transparency play a huge role in guiding interactions, both within and outside Jazz. Platforms like Speak Up exist to support employees through any queries and concerns about compliance-related matters and safe workspace. VEON’s Code of Conduct guides on matters related to non-discriminatory and compliant behaviors. Our open workspaces depict the collaborative and innovative culture which facilitates collective problem-solving, transparency, and teamwork.

At Jazz, employee recognition is central to people’s development. Applause is an internal platform that allows employees to give feedback and recognition to others in the organization. This recognition is based on the core values of Jazz. Our values and employee talent get channeled the best through Digithon! Digithon, a VEON-initiated program, is a hackathon of sorts that allows employees to get together around creating an innovative solution for a real business challenge. Winners from the Local Digithons join the global platform to compete in the Global Digithon and get to witness the learning experience of a lifetime!