Hirevue - Jazz Careers

An Improved

recruitment process

with AI Based technology


Jazz is offering a unique opportunity that will bring your Application to life. You will go through a bias free Talent Acquisition process wher you will be evaluated against various competencies and provides our Talent Acquisition team with objective Insights into your personality and skill set. You will be aksed to answer several Behavioral, technical and situational questions. It's a way to help us to get to know you better and for you to shine in ways a traditional recruitment process doesn't allow.


Process Overview


How to Ace

Video Interviews

Here are some tips that could help

  • Use a smart phone, Tablet or a Laptop with internet access and a front facing camera
  • Be comfortable, we have activated practice questions for you that will help you get comfortable with the system
  • If you didn't like the answer you submitted, don't worry, you can have two retakes!
  • Make sure you are in a noise free environment
  • Dress as you would for an in person interview