Key Insights with  National Incubation Center Startups

Sergi Herrero, the co-CEO of the VEON Group, Jazz’s parent company, toured the National Incubation Center (NIC) facility in Islamabad. Following a brief pitch session by Jazz xlr8 and other NIC startups, Sergi participated in a conversation with the startups on innovation, leadership and the future of digital technologies. He also shared insights with the startups from his time as Facebook’s Global Director of Payments and Commerce Partnerships, where he oversaw the launch and growth of payment and commerce capabilities for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Quote: While lauding the efforts of the team behind the NIC, Sergi Herrero stated, “Pakistan is a dynamic country with a large youth population that is motivated, talented and eager to succeed, and this reflects in some of the work I have witnessed today at the NIC. Jazz’s intervention in this space provides these eager minds with the resources and expertise needed to make a meaningful impact on society.”