Addition | 900 Spectrum Band [4G to 4G+]

At Jazz, we believe in staying one step ahead of the game, driven by innovation and customer obsession we are always motivated to introduce the latest, cutting-edge technologies in the network. During Feb-20 we took major leaps forwards in upgrading the network to LTE Advanced-4.5G

A New LTE Carrier in 900-Band was rolled out in Rawalpindi during February. The addition of a new LTE layer in Rawalpindi improved our coverage by 30% both outdoor and indoor! By offloading the existing LTE layer of 1800 band, our customers experienced a massive improvement in user experience. Carrier Aggregation between the two layers has also been enabled. Speeds of up to 212Mbps were recorded on OOKLA, pushing the envelope even further. In Islamabad, the existing L900 layer also got a significant boost. This increased spectrum will also strengthen our coverage both indoor and outdoor and give our customers a better Jazz LTE experience.