wins another contract: the Telenor IRU

We are delighted to share that like last year we have kept our winning spree continued this year as well, we stand proud in sharing that after series of negotiations we have secured a new Telenor IRU contract worth 654M PKR. This opportunity will enable Jazz to leverage its pre-deployed fiber optic network and gain additional revenue.

#Applause: We would like to take this opportunity to thank our management, Ali Naseer and support engines, Abdul Rehman Usmani, Farhan Tariq, Khudayar, Faisal Hamid, who has played a key role in securing the deal. We would also like to thank our roll out/project management team Tariq Amin, Habib-Ul-Haq, Hassan Ehtisham, Gohar Aziz Butt, Abid Siddique, who delivered as committed and gain customer confidence in our services.