Advanced Technology to Keep us Safe

As employees return to offices, Jazz HSE has installed an Automatic Air Sanitizer and a Disinfection unit in DHQ-3. Jazz is the first company to install such equipment in Pakistan and remain committed to using advanced technology to improve SOPs to deal with the current situation while mitigating employee anxiety and stress. HSE is also experimenting with antiviral sheets on work stations, which use nanotechnology to eradicate viruses and other harmful pathogens upon contact instantly.

Introducing Jazz Biz View: Smart Security Solutions for Businesses

Jazz Business continues to evolve and innovate as it adds another solution to its IoT portfolio; Jazz Biz View! It is an end-to-end surveillance solution that provides security for office buildings and vehicular assets with advanced analytical management on a self-care portal. Offering a combination of three state-of-the-art customizable solutions suited to a myriad of business needs, the solution aims to ensure secured operations for all businesses, small and large.

Jazz Business World Active Users Increase by 44%

With a recent shift in active reliance on digitalized operations; the Jazz Business World portal has seen a 44% increase in active monthly users since January 2020. The portal has been explicitly designed to step up customer focus and provide them with more control over their business account management. New features such as Package Subscription, Data Bundles activation, New Sim ordering, and SIM Replacement have been added to the platform allowing for complete end-to-end #digitalenablement!

JaPartnering with Omnicomm to Bring Globally Acclaimed Fuel Management Solution to Pakistan

We partnered up with Omnicomm, a global telemetry and fleet management solutions provider, to introduce ‘Jazz Biz Fuelmatic,’ an Internet of Things (IoT) based fuel management solution allowing businesses to minimize their environmental impact by achieving energy efficiency. Jazz Business will provide this integrated solution to manage the fuel consumption of diesel generator set (genset), as well as to monitor various fuel storage units. The system connects to the Genset to monitor almost any parameter with data from fuel-level sensors and transmits this data in real-time to a cloud-based online, self-service platform. This initiative adds to Jazz Business’ vision to revolutionize Pakistan’s enterprise landscape through the adoption of IoT and the digitalization of work processes.

TPL Trakker joins hands with Jazz

TPL Trakker and Jazz partnered up to collaborate on innovative new technologies for their customers. The two companies have aimed to jointly develop unique solutions to address critical challenges for the B2B and B2C markets. Under this partnership, Jazz will have access to TPL Trakker’s Location Based Services APIs, powered by TPL Maps.