Tania Aidrus

In this segment of Conversations@Jazz, we speak to none other than Tania Aidrus. Tania has been appointed to spearhead Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative. She is determined to put Pakistan on the map in the fields of innovation and technology. The conversation begins about where Tania’s passion for Pakistan comes from. She speaks about the country’s culture, music, food, people, and hospitality that instilled a lot of pride in her country. On the Digital Pakistan agenda, she speaks about how it will bring equality across Pakistan because the entire population will have the same access to cheap digital technology. Currently, 35% of the population is connected. If all the players including telcos, banks, startups, and the government come together, Tania believes this number can be at 70% in the next two years. 20 million Pakistanis could be added to the digital population. She emphasizes economic empowerment and how that is the end goal to improve livelihoods and add back to the economy. To watch the full interview, click here.