Location : Islamabad

Industry : Telecommunications

Description :

Grade Level: L2

Location: Islamabad

Last date to apply: 30th May 2023

What is Expert Software Engineer?

We are seeking an experienced Expert Software Engineer to provide development and maintenance of business-critical applications. In this position, you will become a member of a small agile development team in customer experience department providing mission-critical software solutions. We believed and followed the philosophy of “You build it, you run it” which encompasses the activities of the complete software development life cycle and operational management.

As an Expert Software Engineer, you will make significant, self-directed, and end-to-end contributions to medium-large and impactful software projects. You think beyond just the task at hand to deeply understand the 'why' behind what you are doing.

As part of a high-performing team, you’ll deliver exceptional services and spearhead the building of scalable and robust software solutions. As a strong self-starter, you know how to successfully onboard into an existing team, and you never miss an opportunity to learn something new from a team member.

What does Expert Software Engineer do?


Technical skills

Soft skills


As one of the leading employers in the country, Jazz epitomizes the philosophy that each Jazz employee is passionately living a better every day inspired and enabled by visionary leadership, a unique professional culture, a flourishing lifestyle, and continuous learning and development.

Our core values include qualities essential for a positive organizational culture - truthfully guiding entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets, harnessing professional and interpersonal collaboration, and fostering across-the-board customer-obsession.

As one of the largest private sector organizations in Pakistan, our objective is to continue to change the lives of our 75 million customers for the better. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something transformative, someone who can play a critical role in driving our success. Together, we can empower millions more with the tools necessary to progress in an increasingly digital economy.