Location : Islamabad

Industry : Telecommunications

Description :

Grade Level: L3

Location: Islamabad

Last date to apply: 15th January, 2024

What is Manager Growth and Analytics?

Manager Growth and Analytics will be responsible for leveraging data insights, conducting in-depth analysis, and making insightful decisions to optimize user experiences and drive growth and engagement for our leading digital applications. This role will be at the forefront of pioneering innovation, employing data-inspired decision-making to elevate engagement levels, and keep our digital products at the forefront of the industry's advancements.

This position seamlessly integrates data-driven decision-making with a diverse set of product and digital analytics tools, encompassing campaign performance assessment, funnel creation, and detailed user journey mapping to uncover invaluable insights.

The role reports directly to the Head of Digital Products & Growth.

What does Manager Messaging Product & Growth do?

  1. Growth Strategy Development: Develop and execute growth strategies encompassing user acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  2. Data Analytics: Utilize advanced data analytics tools and methodologies to collect and interpret user data, Analyze user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns to draw actionable insights.
  3. User Journey Mapping: Create comprehensive end-to-end user journey maps, identifying touchpoints and pain points. Continuously refine and enhance the user experience based on these maps.
  4. Funnel Analysis: Perform detailed funnel analysis to understand user drop-offs and conversion rates at various app stages. Identify bottlenecks and propose strategies for improvement.
  5. Insightful Decision Making: Translate data insights into strategic recommendations for product enhancements, marketing campaigns, and user experience improvements.
  6. A/B Testing: Plan and execute A/B tests to optimize app features, user interfaces, and marketing efforts. Implement best practices in A/B testing methodologies.
  7. Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate closely with product development, BI, design, marketing, and customer support teams to align strategies and ensure a cohesive user experience.
  8. Reporting and Performance Metrics: Regularly report on key performance indicators, growth metrics, and user engagement. Monitor progress against targets and adjust strategies as needed.

Jazz is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate, support, and thrive on diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


What are we looking for and what does it require to be Manager Growth and Analytics?


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