Location : Islamabad, Pakistan

Team : Digital Financial Services

Description :

Grade: L2

Last Date to Apply: Friday, 17th January 2020

Our team & you
To continue and change the lives of our 59+ million customers. We are a world-class organization and have assembled the right team to begin scaling aggressively. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative, someone who will play a critical role in driving our success.
Job Description:
The key function of this role is to provide dedicated legal support to DFS entailing consultation, advice, contract review & negotiation in line with the organization’s internal values, policies, procedures and applicable law and to do so independently and decisively. The role will be responsible for both day-to-day operational activities as well as strategic initiatives and projects and will be required to collaborate with multiple internal and external stakeholders.

What the first 30-60-90 days in the job will look like?
Within 30 days you will 
·         Get the basic orientation from legal team on scope of work, process flows, internal and external stakeholders and templates for agreements. 
·         Become familiarized with company policies and procedures relating to contract management, governance, due diligence etc. of the company and its subsidiaries. 
·         Become familiarized with various online tools and portals used by the Legal Affairs department. 
·         Become acquainted with external legal counsels and internal stakeholders in order to provide assistance from a legal perspective.
Within 60 days, you will:   
-   Drafts and reviews all aspects of contracts (including comments received from internal and/or external stakeholders/functions i.e. end user department, finance, taxation etc.)
-   Identifies all areas of concern/contention (if any) pertaining to regulatory/legal/compliance matters; Refers issue to concerned department if necessary
-   Provides go ahead to procurement/SCM once draft is reviewed entirely to carry out negotiations with counter party
-   Discusses/negotiates directly with counter party in case of any contention/conflict to provide clarifications and to seek mutual agreement accordingly
-   Ensures that all relevant changes and concerns raised by various stakeholders during the negotiation period have been incorporated in the contract once hard copy is printed; Endorses contract and sends back to procurement/SCM for execution by authorized signatories.
-   Additionally, the role will be key to assisting in drafting standard templates for DFS (for both buy-side and sell-side contracts) and facilitating in the Legal function’s digitization agenda.
-   Additionally, the role will be expected to engage in training of relevant business personnel (both informal trainings and structured programmes) on legal developments, legal reviews, contract review systems matters as well as on policies/procedures owned by or supported by the Legal function.
Within 90 days to onwards you will:  
-     Provides legal advice over all aspects pertaining to any new strategic initiatives and ventures including investments, new business lines etc.
-     Highlights the legal and regulatory perspective and addresses related queries / concerns
-     Streamlining processes and procedures pertaining to key risk areas such as AML, CTF, export controls & sanctions, data protection, anti-bribery and anti-corruption etc. for DFS projects.
-   Provide opinions and legal advice to personnel at all levels of the business on existing and new commercial arrangements. Additionally, the candidate will be expected to recognize when issues require specialist support and to obtain such support and advice, coordinating external or specialist advice to ensure maximum benefit for the company without incurring unnecessary costs.
A bit about you:
We are looking for someone with demonstrated experience in a corporate environment and who is looking to enhance his/her skills. We are looking for someone who is innovative, analytical and has the ability to think critically, confident, articulate and excels at stakeholder management
A bit about us:
Legal Affairs department of Jazz is one of the most innovative, exciting and competent departments in the market. We strive on providing creative, relevant and cost effective legal solutions to our stakeholders and enhance the capacity of the company in achieving commercial milestones in the market.
The structure of the team you will join is:·        
You will be joining the Contracts, Corporate Governance and Special Projects team in the Legal Affairs department.
The two (02) main priorities of the team as a whole are:
·         Provide enriched, differentiated and rewarding experience for all the internal stakeholders of the Company.
·         Ensure alignment among all external, internal customers and Group.
With which other stakeholders the successful candidate will work with functional/regional/ within the team. 
You will work with internal and external stakeholders including divisional/departmental heads, internal contracts team members, corporate governance team, commercial projects teams in Legal Affairs and all functions of the company for effective planning, development and roll out of the Company initiatives.
What would be the result of those interactions if we assume 100% collaboration?
Coming up with legal solutions focused towards delivering real time business value.
The two (02) specific tasks that team was working on in the last 6 months with results.
·         Restructuring of processes of Legal Affairs
·         Standardization of contracts and digital transformation
The three (03) must have past experiences the best candidate should have. 
·         Stakeholder management
·         Negotiation
·         Multitasking
The three (03) must have technologies the candidate should have.
·         Microsoft Office Suite
Essential skills must have:   
·         Bar at Law/LL.M/LLB Degree with at least three (3) years working experience in an in-house legal team or law firm
·         Knowledge of contract, corporate and intellectual property laws. Knowledge of telecommunication and banking laws is a plus.
·         Legal research, negotiation and contract drafting and review
·         Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as experience in stakeholder management