Location : Islamabad

Description :

Grade Level: Intern

Location: Islamabad

Last Date to Apply: 25th October 2021

What is a Trainee Data Scientist?

Jazz wants to open its doors to fresh graduates who are interested in learning practical Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to help the nation to stay abreast with a field that is already transforming the world. Jazz will provide a stipend, training material, mentorship, access to data and computing resources enabling each Trainee Data Scientist to develop a solution to address a current business use case.

What is a Trainee Data Scientist expected to do?

The Trainee program will be broken down in two phases


During the 3-month training phase of the program, the Trainees will go through a rigorous set of courses and materials to prepare them for the practical project that will follow. Mentors will help the trainees along the path to facilitate and assess the performance of the trainees. At the end of the three months, top performing trainees would be retained and moved into the next phase.

Capstone Project:

The selected trainees will be tasked with solving a current and relevant business use case using data science. Each project will have a mentor to guide and help the trainee in designing and developing a final solution. The trainee will have three months to complete this phase and at the end of these three months, a panel of senior business users would assess all candidates. Based on this assessment, the selected trainees might be offered a job in the Analytics & Insights department of Jazz considering the availability of the headcount.

Jazz is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate, support, and thrive on diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.



Why Join Jazz?

Jazz houses one of the largest data stores in the country and our data scientists are always hard at work putting this data to use to improve the customer experience of its, 69 Million, customer base. Having the energy of a startup and a technology stack that is the envy of the industry, we have a unique combination of culture and technology aimed at helping each individual unlock their potential.

As one of the leading employers in the country, Jazz epitomizes the philosophy that each Jazz employee is passionately living a better every day inspired and enabled by visionary leadership, a unique professional culture, a flourishing lifestyle, and continuous learning and development.

As one of the largest private sector organizations in Pakistan, our objective is to continue to change the lives of our 65 million customers for the better. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something transformative, someone who can play a critical role in driving our success. Together, we can empower millions more with the tools necessary to progress in an increasingly digital economy.